(Published in Rappler.com on August 28, 2012)   MANILA, Philippines – For its August 27, 2012 issue, international weekly magazine TIME pays homage to smartphones and mobile devices in its first mobile technology issue that shows “10 ways” in which smartphones and other mobile devices such as the iPad are “changing the world.” In a video welcoming readers to the issue (which can be accessed by scanning the images on the “Editor’s Desk” section with the TIME mobile app for iPhone and Android) editor Richard Stengel points out, “Our cover…Continue Reading “TIME Magazine, mobile technology and our world (Rappler.com)”

Published in Rappler.com (August 14, 2012) MANILA, Philippines – Watching Jim Libiran’s movies and listening to him talk with passion about the impact he hopes his work will bring to marginalized communities, you begin to wonder if “filmmaker” is an apt word for the man in front of you, considering his past lives as activist, award-winning writer and Xerex Xaviera alter-ego. Perhaps “social auteur” would be a better term. Libiran, whose feature films Tribu (2007) and Happyland (2011) have revealed unique angles about urban poor communities in his beloved…Continue Reading “Jim Libiran: The social auteur (Rappler.com)”

Published in Rappler.com (August 6, 2012) MANILA, Philippines – Everyone goes through periods of loneliness. It is a universal feeling — one that does not require a common language or culture to be understood. In the case of Adolfo Alix, Jr., loneliness has become a subject of exploration and discovery, a theme that has allowed him to stretch the boundaries of filmmaking to see just how much he (and his audience) can discover. “I read somewhere that one (feeling) that lingers the most is loneliness…Continue Reading “Adolf Alix, Jr.: On loneliness and the cinematic experience (Rappler.com)”

Published in Rappler.com (August 1, 2012)   MANILA, Philippines – Twenty-eight-year-old filmmaker Raya Martin sure seems to love defying expectations. His debut into the Philippine filmmaking scene took industry insiders by surprise, as the then-fresh graduate of the University of the Philippines Film Institute was unsuccessful at early attempts to get a job in Manila. What he got, instead, was a filmmaking residency at the prestigious Cinéfondation Residence du Festival de Cannes in Paris, France — becoming the first Filipino filmmaker to be selected for…Continue Reading “Raya Martin: The enigma that is (Rappler.com)”

Published in Rappler.com (July 27, 2012) MANILA, Philippines – He has had no formal training in filmmaking, and his path had once led him to playing guitar for the band DaPulis and a year of culinary studies in Florence. But for first-time filmmaker Jay Ignacio, the unspoken stories around Filipino Martial Arts became such a compelling theme that he spent 3 years of his life documenting some of the Philippines’ most prominent, living Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) legends in a full-length documentary called The Bladed Hand….Continue Reading “Jay Ignacio: Unsheathing the bladed hand (Rappler.com)”

Thanks to this Rappler post, we got wind of a New York Times article showing how Ivy League schools are now catching up with the online education trend–and offering classes for FREE. According to writer Richard Pérez-Peña, some of the United States’ top universities have signed on with online platform Coursera to offer what is known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Pérez-Peña says  these schools “still must overcome some skepticism about the quality of online education and the prospects for having the courses cover the costs of…Continue Reading “Take Ivy League online classes for FREE”

Published in Rappler.com (June 9, 2012) MANILA, Philippines – 25-year-old Candice Adea, a principal dancer of Ballet Philippines, has won First Prize, Senior Women’s Division, at the recently concluded Helsinki International Ballet Competition, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world. The competition drew 69 dancers from 28 countries, including the United States, China, Japan, Finland, Canada, Italy, and Cuba, among others. Her partner, Jean Marc Cordero, also a principal dancer of Ballet Philippines, was a semi-finalist. He won a Special Jury Award for…Continue Reading “Filipina wins first prize at prestigious ballet tilt (Rappler.com)”